Our Team



Sejal Shah has served as CEO of Staffency since our inception.

He seeks to create a simplified, transparent, accountable organization that promotes an open and honest environment. He believes that culture is a by-product of people and their core values. When these align, a team can march down a path together, driven by their purpose and passion.

Sejal has been married for over ten years, and he has three children: two boys and a girl.



Jason believes that when you surround yourself with honest, hard-working people who are not afraid of failure, team potential becomes limitless. He’s motivated not only by winning in the healthcare market but by creating opportunities for his entire team along the way.

The Staffency Team thrives on a “yes we can” mentality. We take time to acknowledge our successes but are quick to ask ourselves what’s next. Lastly, through it all, successes and failures, we strive to have fun.

Jason and his wife have two young boys who keep them busy with sports, schools, and outdoor activities. He enjoys golfing, watching sports, and cooking.



Jon’s passion for healthcare began as a child when his mother used to work in emergency services. She would come home and regale Jon with the stories of service to her patients from the day. This was the foundation of his belief that “Patients sit at the core of everything we do at Staffency”.

Jon is uber-proud of his team, as they work tirelessly to provide staff and effective workforce strategies to healthcare systems, hospitals and long-term care facilities across the country. These partnerships allow healthcare leaders to focus on what is most important to all of us – delivering the best care possible to those who need it most.

Originally from Syracuse, NY, Jon served in the Unites States Army overseas before living outside Boulder, CO for a number of years, and then finally arriving where he currently lives in San Diego, CA. When not at work, you’ll most likely find him out riding his bicycle (don’t get him started on that topic) while looking for a great coffee house.


Saynab Omer, CNO

We were very impressed with the nurses from Staffency. They met our high expectations. At least 50 nurses that came to us through Staffency joined our permanent staff.

Community health system partner

Jennifer Klein, VP HR

We have a true partnership with Staffency. They make sure they’re aligning so we always have consistency and continuity in our nursing and clinical staff.

Community health system partner

Gundersen Health System

The turnaround time has been great.

Gundersen Health System

Gundersen Health System

Staffency can screen candidates in advance to help with the selection process. This is a time saver for our hiring leaders

Gundersen Health System

Karen Brown

Always very responsive to my needs and needs of the hospital. Superior customer service.

Norwegian American Hospital