Manage Your Workforce with the Leading
Healthcare Managed Service Program (MSP)

Let your team focus on providing care while we help you find, hire, and retain the top talent

The Staffency Difference

One-size-fits-all staffing solutions are not flexible enough to fully integrate within your organization. You need a solution that’s highly customized, collaborative, and responsive, one that’s intelligent enough to help you forecast your staffing needs and agile enough to help you meet the unpredictable. 

With hands-on staffing consultants, real-time market analysis, and proprietary technology solutions built to scale with you, Staffency will help you save time and money to focus on what matters most — helping patients.


With our comprehensive contracting, credentialing, consulting, billing, reporting, and analysis services, we help you meet your strategic goals and achieve 99+% fill rates.


Collaborative hiring, custom job postings, and thorough interviewing to provide you with candidates who are a perfect fit.


Streamlined billing and consolidated vendor relationships to save you time and money on staffing.


Comprehensive reports to help you make evidence-based and data-driven staffing decisions.


Extensive vetting and rigorous credential checks to save you time and ensure your candidates are top-notch.


True partnership with your human resources department to help you find, train, and manage your workforce.


Real-time market insights allow you to anticipate staffing needs and safeguard against potential shortages.


Solve staffing woes with solutions
built for you.

Instant labor market analysis

Adapt easily to the fluctuating market.

Cloud-based electronic reporting

Real-time access to all the data you need.

Simplified onboarding

Save time on orienting your staff.

Flexible pricing model

Pay only for the staff you need.


Benefit from a true staffing partnership

Uncompromised integration

Leverage your existing tech stack.

One Invoice

Simplify your billing process

One point of contact

Streamline your staffing coordination.

99% Fill Rate

Highest average fill rate in the industry


Average Reduction in Staffing Costs


Reduction in onboarding time


Saynab Omer, CNO

We were very impressed with the nurses from Staffency. They met our high expectations. At least 50 nurses that came to us through Staffency joined our permanent staff.

Community health system partner

Jennifer Klein, VP HR

We have a true partnership with Staffency. They make sure they’re aligning so we always have consistency and continuity in our nursing and clinical staff.

Community health system partner

Gundersen Health System

The turnaround time has been great.

Gundersen Health System

Gundersen Health System

Staffency can screen candidates in advance to help with the selection process. This is a time saver for our hiring leaders

Gundersen Health System

Karen Brown

Always very responsive to my needs and needs of the hospital. Superior customer service.

Norwegian American Hospital