Our strategic float pool services builds a team of flexible floating staff on your behalf. No longer deploy your internal staff to floating positions between units or departments, as this often results in employee dissatisfaction and burnout. We source the right team for you to float and cover any shortage needs your organization is experiencing.

What it is:

Strategic float pools consist of a versatile team transitioning between various departments and units in need of supplemental staff. Dedicated float employees thrive in a variety of settings, gaining skills from different units and contributing their experience where needed. Depending on your organization’s needs, permanent or contract float teams can be built for your short-term and long-term workforce strategy.

When to use strategic float pools

Traditional floating has regularly been used with core staff to fulfill departmentmental needs. Often this has led to frustration and dissatisfaction from employees, as well as added workloads and potential burnout. A dedicated float pool team can be used to undertake these flotation requirements and help alleviate core staff workload, leading to an increase in employee wellbeing while also contributing a diverse skill set between departments. In fact, flexible float pool teams can be further utilized to adjust for core staff scheduling or vacation time to further promote employee satisfaction.

Most importantly, strategic float pools are an effective, highly strategic approach to not only help meet current labor demands within healthcare facilities, but it serves as a prepared plan of action in cases for unforeseen circumstances, seasonal fluctuations, and emerging shortages. Deploying on hand float employees to units in urgent need will save organizations on recruitment costs, help institutions avoid paying crisis premium rates, and serves as a quick method to deploy currently screened, credentialed, and onboarded staff.

How do we achieve this?
Staffency takes a strategic approach in determining float pool needs. We critically evaluate data in regards to the use of labor between all departments and units within your organization to determine the necessary size of a float pool. Determining the appropriate numbers through the use of data helps your organization save on costly errors of simply guessing and overpaying for clinicians you may not need. Our team helps best strategize how to place your float pool within your current system to optimize your workforce program.



  • Flexible source of on hand staff
  • Fill current healthcare staffing needs
  • Avert oncoming or unforeseen shortages and seasonal fluctuations
  • Added skillset between departments
  • Avoid premium pay and overtime costs
  • Cover shifts of permanent employees
  • Maintain safe staffing levels
  • Increased employee satisfaction, positive patient outcomes, and trusted brand reputation