With our comprehensive contracting, credentialing, consulting, billing, reporting, and analysis services, we help you meet your strategic goals and achieve 99+% fill rates.

Staffency partners with you to source and manage the qualified, job-ready healthcare professionals you need, quickly and cost effectively. Our managed service provider solution streamlines onboarding, reduces turnover, and increases employee and patient satisfaction.

We’ve placed thousands of healthcare professionals at hospitals nationwide. Staffency puts time back in your day and drives down your staffing costs.


You take care of your patients. We’ll take care of hiring.

You know the importance of high-performing, talented healthcare staffing. From revenue-tied HCAHPS scores to reducing employee turnover, the flawless performance of your hospital depends on the health and happiness of your staff.

Staffency is your partner in making the best staffing decisions for your hospital. We work with you to fill open positions with best-fit candidates, to maintain flexible staffing levels, and to anticipate future needs. We spearhead the most time-consuming aspects of contracting contingent staff so that you can focus on leading your team and caring for your patients.

Our contracting services include:

  • Creating and managing tailor-made job postings to maintain high candidate quality
  • Reviewing and analyzing candidate resumes to provide you with talented candidates who fit your culture
  • Collaborating with you on interview and onboarding processes
  • Streamlining and organizing the documentation process for all contingent staff to eliminate redundant and time-consuming paperwork


Escape the mountain of paperwork.

The standards and guidelines for staffing credentials change often. As your partner in healthcare staffing, Staffency ensures that your contingent workers have up-to-date hospital, state, and federal credentials.

Our credentialing process includes:

  • Extensive background checks on all potential staff members
  • Verification of all credentials directly with the degree or certificate- granting body
  • Validation of all professional licenses
  • Guaranteed employee quality for improved patient care


One invoice, one bill rate.

Healthcare staffing is one of your biggest expenses. By partnering with Staffency, you streamline your contingent staffing billing process. We manage any existing relationships you have with staffing agencies and provide you with a single contract.

Our billing services save you time and energy:

  • Simple single-contact billing process
  • Customized invoicing built for your needs
  • Straightforward contracts to ease your audit process


More than a quick fix – a long-term partnership.

With hospital finances, patient safety, and changing healthcare laws to deal with, you need more than just a stop-gap solution to your constantly fluctuating staffing needs. You need a true partner who can help you meet staffing challenges, anticipate future needs, and stay ahead of the curve.

Our healthcare staffing experts work with you to find a tailored solution to your staffing troubles:

  • Current market trends specific to individual client needs.
  • Quarterly Baseline Reviews (QBRs)
  • Ongoing dialog to improve your organization’s efficiency
  • Regular analysis to make sure you get the most of our partnership


Actionable staffing data in real-time.

As healthcare becomes increasingly data-driven, evidence-based standards don’t just apply to treatment and patient care. You want more than just subjective feelings about how your unit is functioning — you want actionable data. Our real-time, customized reporting provides the numbers you need to optimize your staffing strategy.

Reports offered:

  • Current Agency Usage Report
  • Projected Spend Report
  • Billing Reports by Department
  • Quarterly Business Review
  • Annual ROI Report
  • Customized Reports Based on Partner Need

Instant Market Analysis

Don’t play catch up – anticipate the future.

Our real-time market insights allow you to anticipate staffing needs and prevent shortages. We provide Instant Market Analysis, which provides geographically specific information on salary data. This helps you determine the optimal rates to offer contingent labor – competitive enough to make you attractive and economical enough to protect your bottom line.


  • Geographically specific salary data
  • Four different rates to choose from:
    • Standard rate
    • Bid rate
    • Market rate
    • Crisis rate


Saynab Omer, CNO

We were very impressed with the nurses from Staffency. They met our high expectations. At least 50 nurses that came to us through Staffency joined our permanent staff.

Community health system partner

Jennifer Klein, VP HR

We have a true partnership with Staffency. They make sure they’re aligning so we always have consistency and continuity in our nursing and clinical staff.

Community health system partner

Gundersen Health System

The turnaround time has been great.

Gundersen Health System

Gundersen Health System

Staffency can screen candidates in advance to help with the selection process. This is a time saver for our hiring leaders

Gundersen Health System

Karen Brown

Always very responsive to my needs and needs of the hospital. Superior customer service.

Norwegian American Hospital