Hospital Managed Services in New Jersey 

Because the healthcare industry is constantly changing, we want to help find you a staffing solution that is highly customized, collaborative, and responsive. Let us take care of all of your healthcare managed services in the State of New Jersey so you can focus on what matters most – your patients.

 Some of our hospital managed services include:

Contracting for Hospitals: We create and manage job postings, review and analyze resumes, collaborate with you on interviewing, and organize the documentation process for all contingent staff.

Credentialing for Hospitals: Let us help you escape the mountain of paperwork. We perform extensive background checks on all potential staff members, verify all the credentials, validate all professional licenses, and guarantee quality employees.

Consulting for Hospitals: With hospital finances, patient safety, and changing healthcare laws to deal with, you need more than just a stop-gap solution to your staffing needs. This is why we work to try and find a solution for your staffing troubles by using current market trends specific to the needs of the individual client, quarterly based reviews, open communication, and regular analysis.

Billing for Hospitals: We believe in one invoice and one bill rate. We help energy by having a simple billing process, custom invoices, and straightforward contracts.

Reporting for Healthcare: Staffency can provide actionable staffing data in real-time with various reports including current agency usage reports, projected spend reports, billing reports by department, quarterly business reviews, annual ROI reports, and customized reports based on partner needs.


  • Instant Market Analysis: Anticipate the future to prevent shortages before they happen. We provide salary data specific to the State of New Jersey and four different rates: standard rate, bid rate, market rate, and crisis rate.


Staffency has a 99% fill rate which is the highest average fill rate amongst healthcare staffing agencies. We have a 10%-20% average reduction in staffing costs, and a 25% reduction onboarding time.


As a healthcare managed service provider, we want to solve your staffing problems with solutions that are built just for you. We’ve placed thousands of healthcare professionals at different hospitals nationwide. Staffency will work with you to source and manage the qualified, job-ready healthcare professionals in New Jersey that you need in a time and cost-effective way. Contact us to learn more about our hospital staffing agency.